The best games for new players at 77JL Casino online

Currently, there are many different bookmakers on the market, but the name 77JL is still a super hot playground and favored by many bettors. Let’s take a look at the best games for new players to know!

77JL and the best games for new players

Although bookmaker 77jl login is not a banyan tree in the prize exchange village, this is the place that provides the most complete range of online betting games. The game store here is extremely diverse and rich. Especially known for its high payout rate.

The platform always meets most of the needs of players and puts members’ interests first. This gives bettors the best betting experience. The playground is home to many of the region’s most diverse and prestigious Casino betting games. 

Built on a foundation of modern technology and top quality in the world. You don’t have to worry about security because it has 128bit SSL. Along with that, the game has also received a certificate from BMM Testlabs for RNG randomness.

77JL is a bookmaker that meets the needs of players
77JL is a bookmaker that meets the needs of players

Top 5 best games for new players

To help you choose the right game, below we will introduce 5 of the best games for new players.

Play Dragon Tiger 3D

Early games are easy to play and easy to bet on. Dragon Tiger 3D originated from Cambodia and when it appeared at bookmaker 77JL, it was widely welcomed because the game is easy to play and easy to bet on. The way to play the game is relatively simple, players just need to compare when flipping to determine victory or defeat.

Each side will be dealt 1 card, the order of cards will be from low to high, specifically: K, Q, J, 10,… 3, 2, A. Players need to bet on the door such as: Draw, Tiger or Dragon wins, odds are as follows:

  • Tiger the best games for new players: Bonus ratio 1:1.
  • Black Tiger: Bonus ratio 1:0.9.
  • Dragon: Bonus ratio 1:1.
  • Black Dragon: Bonus ratio 1:0.9.
  • Draw: Bonus ratio 1:8.
  • Red Dragon: Bonus ratio 1:0.9.
  • Red Tiger: Bonus ratio 1:0.9.

Game Roulette 

Roulette 77jl plus is at the top of the best games for new players. It is also known by many other names such as roulette or spinning wheel. Game players can not only relax but also “receive” many huge rewards.

The rules of Roulette Game are relatively simple and easy to understand. First, a circle with 37 numbers will be drawn when the dealer will throw the ball into the circle. If the ball hits the box you predicted, the bettor wins.

Roulette - One of the best games for new players
Roulette – One of the best games for new players


Poker the best games for new players, when introduced into our country, is often better known by the card names To, Poker, and Poker. Even though the names are different, you need to know that they are just the same type of card game with similar gameplay. Poker is a classic card game that anyone who loves cards will want to experience once in their life.

To start a Poker game, only two players are enough. But if you want to win big or create a battle of wits between many opponents, you can increase it to six or nine participants. Poker is truly likened to a battle of wits between card gods.

Accordingly, you need to know how to combine the cards in your hand and the community cards to create a special sequence of cards. At the same time, combine with fighting tactics and scare opponents to win the final victory.

In addition, the Poker game has countless other variations. For example, the game Texas Hold’em, the most popular variant, involves two hole cards and five community cards. Omaha is similar but with four hole cards, requiring players to use two in combination with three community cards.

Seven Card Stud, the version where each player receives 7 individual cards, no community cards. Additionally, there are numerous other poker variants, each offering unique rules and strategies for players to enjoy. They offer the opportunity to win great rewards and dispel the feeling of boredom and repetition.


Blackjack or Blackjack is definitely one of the best games for new players to know. Often played at gatherings and especially widely covered at all bookmakers in the world.

This card game originates from France. When playing, each person will be dealt 2 cards, the goal the player needs to achieve is 21 points which is the highest number in the Blackjack game.

The best games for new players - Blackjack card game
The best games for new players – Blackjack card game

The minimum score required is 15 or 16, depending on the location. If it is not enough, a maximum of three more cards will be taken, but if it exceeds 21, it will be considered a loss. So be careful when deciding to take more cards.

If the players compete against each other, the highest card will be compared and whoever has the highest card will win. If someone plays, the score will be compared to decide the winner. With just that much, you have the opportunity to win billions of dollars in your pocket.

Three Cards  

Three cards 77jl app download – The best games for new players, also known by the folk name Ba scratch, is an extremely simple game but attracts players the moment they open each card to see the results. This card game is also extremely popular at major bookmakers and card game portals.

Each player will be dealt three cards to calculate points, because the cards are dealt in small numbers so in one game it can be played with many people. In the deck of cards, A will be the smallest with a value of 1 point, J – Q – K will be the largest card, equivalent to 10 points.

In this card game, the quality of the cards is not considered, so you can ignore them. When finished dealing, just open the cards and calculate your score to compare with the dealer. If it is higher, you will win and get the same amount of money, otherwise you will lose.

Through the above information, surely bettors have grasped the best games for new players to know. Everyone, don’t forget to visit 77JL to experience these exciting games!


Logan lee 77jl77JL officially launched the game and received a warm response from players. People often ask who is the author of 77JL? It is known that the English football player - Logan Lee.

Europe's leading bookmaker - 77JL was officially launched to the enthusiastic support of fans. Initially developing, Logan Lee has reaped certain achievements when gathering millions of gamers around the world.

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