Live 77JL Casino – Play for fun and great rewards up to ₱5M

Live 77JL Casino is one of the most popular entertainment betting halls at the house. This place gives players extremely interesting moments of entertainment and the opportunity to win big. If you don’t want to waste time traveling to a real casino, learn immediately how to experience it at an online casino.

Points worth mentioning about 77jl casino

The rules of the game at 77JL are similar to the rules at the real casino, there is no difference. Next, the hot Dealer girls at the house are real people, ready to chat with you. The house ensures honesty and transparency in each game.

The dealers directly deal the cards and do not interfere with the results, because all tables are live streamed at the real casino. 77JL has a colorful entertainment space, you can join in and watch beautiful girls easily.

Points worth mentioning about 77jl casino
Points worth mentioning about 77jl casino

The house’s payout rate is superior to other names in the market. The playground contains a diverse and attractive series of casino games, more than any other online entertainment site.

The house’s game rules are also clear and easy to play, so people don’t have any trouble participating. Bettors can place money on any game and receive rewards when they win big. If you are unclear about any point, just click on the instructions section to know immediately.

Top 10 easiest casino games to make money at 77jl casino

To help you choose casino games that can make money easily from 77JL, we will share with you the top 10 most popular casino games below:


This game uses 4-8 decks of 52 cards, with two doors: player and banker. The player bets on the door that they think will appears. After that, the dealer will deal the cards and both sides compare the scores. Whichever side is closest or equal to 9 will win.


This game also uses a deck of 52 cards and the participant will have to draw all the cards in the deck to get a score equal to or equal to 21. If you get a score equal to or closest to 21 points, you will win. win.


Roulette is a game that many people like and are interested in. On the table, you will find a ball and a spinning wheel. The numbers from 0 to 36 are arranged interlaced on the table, in two colors red and black. When placing a bet, you predict which box the ball will roll to.

Top 10 easiest casino games to make money at 77JL
Top 10 easiest casino games to make money at 77JL

If you are not experienced enough, bettors can choose a range or simply choose a color. Compared to other games, this game has faster payout results.


Lotto is also an interesting game at 77JL Casino that you should not miss. The game is quite similar to the lottery, but the prize draw period is shorter. The game rules are based on the results of the three-region lottery to make it easier for bettors. Your task in the lottery game is to bet on the prizes.


Poker is an extremely popular card game at 77JL casino. When participating, you will be dealt two separate cards. During the game, you must combine your two separate cards with three community cards that will be revealed each turn.

When the last card is revealed, you must make a choice to continue playing or stop. The winner will be the last person to bet when no one else bets or everyone has folded.

Dragon Tiger

In the community of 77JL Casino game portal, Dragon Tiger game is one of the most loved games by many players. With two bets: long and tiger, players will have to judge which side will win after the dealer deals each side a card and turns over the cards. If the prediction is successful, the player will receive a bonus.


FanTan is also one of the most popular casino games today. This game originated in China long ago. From there, it spread to Guangdong and Guangxi provinces and became famous worldwide. Previously this game was only known as “Fan” and was dubbed “Fantan online”.

However, FanTan’s gameplay has changed a lot and now players can choose many different ways to play from bridge, angle, oblique, even, odd numbers. To win, the player only needs to guess whether the balance of the buttons on the table is 1, 2, 3 or 4.

The secret to conquering 77JL Casino, winning big easily

To be able to win a lot of bonuses at the house, there are certain tips you should refer to. Here are a few top suggestions for better gaming:

Choosing the right game

To win at 77JL Casino games, you should take advantage of your strengths. One of the most basic secrets to choosing the right game for yourself. When participating in well-known and loved casino games, players are more likely to win than when participating in unfamiliar or unfamiliar games.

Set the lowest bet when you first join

Another necessary thing that players should also keep in mind when playing 77JL Casino is to choose the lowest bet level when starting out. The reason for choosing the lowest bet is because when you first start playing, you do not have a deep understanding of the game so there should be a testing process. The lowest bet will help you save a small amount of money as “tuition” to gain experience.

Take advantage of promotions and bonuses on 77JL

If you are new to playing a 77JL Casino live game, one piece of advice for you is to use promotional or bonus money to play. This helps you minimize the hassle when starting to play and can focus on learning how to play and improving your skills without worrying about the amount of money spent.

The secret to conquering 77JL Casino, winning big easily
The secret to conquering 77JL Casino, winning big easily

Besides, when using promotion or bonus money to play, if you are unlucky enough to lose, the amount you lose is the original promotion or bonus amount, not the amount you deposited into your account. This helps you limit risks when playing and increase peace of mind in participating in the game.

Above are all useful shares about 77JL Casino, giving everyone interesting information to learn. Hopefully the above will help people easily choose the appropriate game and satisfy their own passions with the house.

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