Suggested top famous slot games today at 77JL Casino

The top famous Slot games are learned by many people every day. Among them, Aztec Treasure was voted by many players as the most popular jackpot game at the prestigious house 77JL. If you want to better understand how attractive this game is, please refer to the following article!

A few words about top famous Slot games

How are these games different from other slot games you often play? To be able to answer all these questions, we will first go from the plot of the game. Games that reach the top are often set in an attractive theme that attracts participants. It must be unique and not duplicated by any other party.

Second, the products must also have a high RTP rate and bonus coefficient. Through these games, bettors can earn billions easily. They are also created from the RNG random number generator so the results are always guaranteed, never cheating or incorrectly announced to bettors.

A few words about top famous Slot games
A few words about top famous Slot games

Finally, the top famous Slot game also excels because of its diverse bet levels and features. Players will have many great experiences when participating in these games. The game’s diverse features will help you freely win money without wasting much time and effort.

Why do top famous Slot games attract millions of players?

Although the question is simple, it is a common question of many gamers from new players to old players since this game was just released. The reason this game attracts players is because of its many flexible features and many unique levels.

The top famous slot game Aztec Treasure also gives players a great experience with a beautiful interface and realistic, vivid sound. In particular, the game has an RTP (reward rate) of up to 96.71%, players have a high refund rate.

Medium volatility is suitable for many types of players, from beginners to veterans. In particular, if you are lucky, you can win rewards up to 9,071 times the bet amount.

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Instructions on how to participate in top famous Slot games

To join this game, you cannot help but know the basic control buttons of this jackpot game. These operations are the key for you to open the Aztec Treasure. To join this game, you cannot help but know the basic control buttons of this jackpot game. These operations are the key for you to open the Aztec Treasure.

  • Spin button: This is the button that when clicked, the player will start spinning the pot. If you stop spinning, the results of the previous spin will appear.
  • Auto-rotate button: Whatever the button name is, that’s the function. As the name suggests, when pressing this button, the player will turn on auto-spin mode.
  • Bet level: When you want to choose the bet level, press this button. It will display the bet levels so you can freely choose the appropriate one
  • Option button: This is the button used to turn background music on and off, and to view game rules and instructions in the game. You can use this Option button to adjust the game.
  • Minus plus button top famous Slot games: This is the button used to increase or decrease the bet levels in the game.
Instructions on how to participate in top famous Slot games
Instructions on how to participate in top famous Slot games

Top famous Slot games at 77JL

Currently, Slots games are still the hottest lobby at bookmaker 77JL. Every day, millions of people participate in the experience. Among them, the products that are loved by bettors and have the most likes are:

Aztec Fire 2

This is 10,000X the bet. In terms of layout, the game has 5 reels with 20 paylines. The minimum amount you have to spend to activate the reels is from 0.20 – 35 USD. Unlike other games, players cannot consider themselves one of the 77JL Jackpot games with super high Jackpot prizes, up to the bet level.

The Aztec Empire is once again the inspiration for Slot machines. BNG did a great job of recreating a golden age of ancient civilization. Thanks to 3D graphics, users will feel like they are standing under waterfalls and looking out at the mountain behind the reels.

In the filming area, the stone blocks bordering the frame filled with characters also contribute to increasing the realism of the game. Inside are also symbols such as priestesses and warriors, leopards, frogs and both wearing masks made of gold, but also images of leopards, frogs and toucans.

Finally, in 77JL Jackpot, players can get rich through two types of symbols with high reward coefficients: red fireball and blue fireball. Integrate all 5 symbols on the reels to receive the super valuable Jackpot prize mentioned above.

Top famous Slot games at 77JL
Top famous Slot games at 77JL

As for the Pyramid symbols, users will receive Free games. The number of free spins in this game can reach 13. When participating in Aztec Fire 2, don’t forget to take advantage of them to light the fire on the column and win many prizes in your pocket.

Fortune Dragon

One of the top famous Slot games that you should experience is. This reel was created by Pragmatic Play and inspired by Chinese culture. On the occasion of the Year of the Dragon, the publisher created a game to double the fun for everyone.

Compared to competitors, PP has super sharp graphics and high RTP rate. In this version you get a lot of profit, up to 96% of the bet. Along with that, the bonus coefficient of Fortune Dragon is no less than that of Aztec Fire 2 when it stops at X5000.

The more Scatter and Free games symbols you integrate, the more chances you have to receive the super valuable Jackpot prize mentioned above. 5X3 spins with 243 payout ways will thrill players every moment. Once symbols such as turtle, pigeon, pig and fish match the same reel, you are definitely the luckiest person.

Take the Vault Hold & Win

Take The Vault is a bank robbery themed slot machine of Betsoft Gaming. The main setting of the reel is in the Wild West. On the dusty streets of an American town, robbers gradually become more rampant. The main reason is because the laws here are extremely lax.

Betsoft Gaming takes you to the thrill of activating each reel. On 5X4 reels, players can get 75 paylines and bonus multipliers of up to 1200X. This game has an RTP rate of 96.21%. The game is a perfect choice for those looking to make more profits.

This is one of top famous Slot games because you only need to spend an amount from 0.20 – 300 dollars to have great entertainment minutes and get lots of bonuses. In the pay table, the lowest values ​​​​are symbols in card games such as 9, 10, J, Q K, A to cash, whiskey, gold bars, small safes. In the end, the pistol and the diamond are the most valuable.


So through the above article, you have a better understanding of the top famous slot game Aztec Treasure! Don’t hesitate any longer, quickly register to join our online bookmaker 77JL to immediately experience top famous Slot games!


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