CEO Logan Lee helped 77JL achieve international honors

Who is the author of 77JL? This is a question that the vast majority of bettors have asked since this bonus exchange house launched on the market. Surely when mentioning this name, football fans will not be excited and excited. Can you guess which football player is this?

Some information about the CEO Logan Lee

Recently, 77JL officially launched the game and received a warm response from players. People often ask who is the author of 77JL? It is known that the English football player – Logan Lee.

Some information about the CEO Logan Lee
Some information about the CEO Logan Lee

For football fans, surely everyone knows this talented young striker who is dominating every arena. Although he has been so successful in his football career, he still wants to move into another field as a CEO.

That’s why Logan Lee has established his own betting brand. This playground operates very professionally, the product and service operating mechanism here ensures all standards of an international bookmaker.

The process of Logan Lee establishing 77JL bookmaker

Since childhood, Logan Lee has lived with football and this passion has helped him achieve his current success. Since his teenage days, when he started playing professionally, he began to learn more about the soccer betting system.

From then on, CEO Logan Lee seemed to have a greater inspiration for football, and he harbored the idea of ​​establishing his own betting house. By 2023, after the legendary treble, Logan Lee officially spent money and called more investors in the field to implement this project.

Just two months later, Europe’s leading bookmaker – 77JL was officially launched to the enthusiastic support of fans. Initially developing, Logan Lee has reaped certain achievements when gathering millions of gamers around the world.

How does CEO Logan Lee intend to develop this playground?

In the context of the increasingly saturated European betting market, he believes that his playground must have elements to develop stronger. To realize this wish, Logan Lee himself directly gave the bookmaker the following direction:

Become a partner of many major game companies

CEO Logan Lee understands that, to be a large bookmaker, it must first own a massive and unique game network. Thanks to his reputation, in one year of operation, Logan Lee has cooperated with many famous game founders.

However, the goal of the expert striker does not stop here, he still wants to be able to optimally expand the product system. In the coming time, Logan Lee will certainly continue to work and call for the coordination of more high-class partners.

Expand the bookmaker’s scale globally

Logan Lee is a football player who is dominating European football, so of course the bookmaker he founded is also the most active in this region. Although this is the continent with the largest development of the online football betting industry, he still wants to expand more.

Expand the bookmaker's scale globally
Expand the bookmaker’s scale globally

Specifically, CEO Logan Lee is planning projects to promote the house globally. The players’ orientation and goals in the next 2 years are to cover all continents and become the leading reputable bookmaker in the market. The reputation of the playground is not only limited to Asia but is also known to international friends.

Apply technology to enhance experience

CEO Logan Lee wishes to apply high technology to each game. In addition to using the RNG number generator to generate random results, the playground also wants to monitor all individual activities and minimize cheating using AI. Besides, adding a layer of security in the transaction process also makes it difficult for users to profit.

The bookmaker’s standard KYC process has made bettors feel more secure when trading. At the same time, the playground also wants to integrate VR into each game. Thanks to that, players can freely interact and have more fun when betting online. You don’t need to go directly to the casino to always feel the full joy.

Promote safe and responsible play

Finally, CEO Logan Lee also cooperates with GamCare or Gamble Aware to support sensitive and vulnerable people. A series of self-exclusion measures will be established. 

When you feel signs of dependence, just contact these third parties. They will anonymize your identity and help you integrate into the community and stay away from addictive substances.

The success of the CEO Logan Lee up to the present time

More than a year of operation is too short a time compared to the resounding success of him. This online bookmaker has recruited an extremely large number of players and the number continues to increase every day. The playground has recorded more than 10 million participants.

Experts in the entertainment field also gave very positive reviews and comments about the way the house operates. In particular, 77JL has become a symbolic playground of the gaming industry, causing many opponents to respect and constantly learn from it. Playground can be considered a global brand, a pioneer in the iGaming industry.

The success of the CEO Logan Lee up to the present time
The success of the CEO Logan Lee up to the present time

All games are submitted to the GLI testing agency and payment gateways have also been expanded. Thanks to the quality, the playground has won prestigious awards from Gaming Brief and G2E Asia, 5 Star & Co and SPiCE Philippines. Leading organizations all rate 77JL as 5-star.

What does CEO Logan Lee think about his brainchild?

With unexpected success, he had a few words to share and thank his fans: “Hello friends! I know that among the players at bookmaker 77JL, there are many of my true fans. Thank you very much for knowing Logan Lee and trusting in joining 77JL.

In the coming time, the playground will be more comprehensively developed to meet the needs of all gamers. At the same time, we will also expand the recruitment scale and integrate more products into the game lobby. Along with that is creating many good values ​​for the community.”


CEO Logan Lee has become an inspiration for many players when he took advantage of his passion to develop in the field of bookmaking. In the future, this entertainment unit will certainly grow strongly and win many more prestigious awards.

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